My Favorite Summer Salad Recipe

There is no better feeling than eating a salad made entirely from your own garden. I’ve been really obsessed with knowing exactly where my ingredients are coming from lately so this salad recipe is a culmination of that. There’s a secret ingredient to this summer salad ingredient and it’s a chopper. Getting salads into bite size pieces not only makes it easier to eat but I swear it makes it taste that much better.

The salad chopper I have is from Amazon and you can find it here. I absolutely love it because you literally throw everything into a bowl and then just take the chopper and go to town. Chopped salads are so good and a great way to get all of your nutrients in without feeling like you’re eating too much. Here’s the recipe!\

summer salad recipe

Greens of your Choice (I love spring mixes with spinach)

Hard boiled egg



Red Onion


Protein (sometimes I add chicken, or bacon, or chickpeas)

Pepita Seeds

*fun add in is cheese (I like a cheddar)

Dressing of your choice


I started off chopping salads by just trying to chop everything whole however it is good to cut everything up a little. This really helps to even out everything and make it all the same size. I also was a huge over-chopper. I would just keep going until it was small pieces but everything lost its integrity. Make sure to use a big bowl so there’s room and just put everything in and chop. Add in your dressing last, mix and enjoy!

I love making chopped salads like this one. It’s a great salad recipe if you have produce that’s starting to look iffy so you’re not wasteful. Another awesome thing about salad in general is you can really customize it so that everyone in your house can make their own! The more toppings the better for a salad in my opinion so happy chopping!

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