My Melissa Wood Health Review

For me, working out never was that fun. I never really found anything that really spoke to me or made me feel as great as everyone says you’ll feel. A real spark came when I discovered the Melissa Wood Health method and her app. Her workouts became game changing for me and inspired a whole new perspective on working out and getting in movement each day.

One thing that initially drove me to try her workouts was finding her on Instagram. She had a 10 minute video and after doing it, I was so freaking sore! I never felt that kind of soreness before from other workouts so I knew I was on the right track. She does a mix of pilates and yoga flows which always uses every muscle in your body. I leave each workout feeling like I used and toned my entire body, not just one area.

I also love the convience of her workouts. She often talks about how important movement is each day, even if its just a few minutes. When I started her workouts, I didn’t believe that but now I’m doing her flows at least once everyday, sometimes even twice. Melissa has the calmest voice and is so encouraging during the tough workouts.

On the app, all of her flows state the length directly on them so it makes it so easy for me to fit something in everyday. I have no excuses when she has something that’s only 8 minutes and is seriously killer. Her method really changed my entire perspective because I can get in something simple each day but take out something that will better me. I swear I have never looked at a workout routine like that before ever.

The Melissa Wood Health method talks about mind and body , which I have absolutely noticed a difference in myself. The app is only $100 for the entire year (what a deal) and she posts her weekly workout schedule on her website in case you want to follow along. I generally just choose whatever I’m feeling that day or base it on time.

Whether you’re looking for beginner workouts or challenging yoga and pilates flows, this app has it all. I highly recommend checking it out for the 7 day free trial because I am so sure that you will become as obsessed as I am.

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