My Favorite Workout Brands

Being a dance teacher means that I am constantly in athleisure. I am always on the lookout for really great leggings and workout bras and tops that are good quality but also worth the price tag. Workout clothes these days can be so expensive but you never really know if its worth the price unless you try it. Lucky for you guys, I have tried lots of brands and here are my top 3!


Lululemon is definitely on the pricier side of the workout clothes market. I know that their prices sometimes even will turn people off entirely from the brand. For me, I tried their apparel and fell instantly in love. The quality of their clothing is amazing and it lasts really long, as long as you properly take care of them. I think that that is the only downside to Lululemon. You have to make sure that you wash their clothes in the way that they suggest or else you’ll have major piling on your hands. I’ve found that as long as I wash the clothes in cold water, separate from everything else, and hang them to try they will maintain their shape and their quality. My pro tip is if you live near a Lululemon outlet, go to it! The prices are way more reasonable and it’s a good way to introduce yourself to their apparel.


Gymshark has really great prices for the quality of close they produce. I also love love love all of the colors and patterns that they use. They also have so many matching sets to choose from that vary from bras, shirts, shorts, and leggings. I actually found out about Gymshark from Youtuber and fitness model Whitney Simmons who is an ambassador for the brand. Everything that she wears is so cute and its always Gymshark. The only issue I have with this brand is their sizing. I find that my usual size of small fits me but is a little snug with their apparel. I size up to medium because there’s nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable gym clothes.

Outdoor Voices

This brand is somewhat newer to me but I love it just as much as the other two. Outdoor Voices has matching sets for such great prices. Their quality is also spot on which is another thing I love. When I ordered online from there, my package arrived in like two days and came with a cute little care instructions card. The care is similar to the Lululemon apparel so I actually just wash all of my workout gear together. I am really looking forward to heading out to an Outdoor Voices store soon so that I can get more from this awesome brand!

A workout brand review wouldn’t be complete without shoes. For me, I was a Nike girl through and through until I found my Adidas X_PLR sneakers in pink. They are insanely comfortable and are the cutest color. I actually just ordered a new pair of them in black and white to replace my Nikes. I feel like all of the Adidas shoes that I own have the “cloud foam” that they’re known for which I am not complaining about. I hope this helped you learn about new brands and maybe even try some that you were hesitant to try before.