My Hello Fresh Review

In today’s world, if you scroll through Facebook you’re almost guaranteed to see an ad for Hello Fresh or even a Hello Fresh Review. I’m not going to lie, Hello Fresh does seem like a great meal solution. The fact that it all comes pre-measured and in one package makes life so simple so who wouldn’t want to give it a shot?

I received two free box coupons from my cousin so I decided to choose one veggie box and a meat & veggie box. There are no dietary restrictions in my house or kids but I did appreciate the types of box options. Once I chose the box, I chose a delivery day and got to pick the meals. I would give the app and overall 10 out of 10. It was easy to use and made what I was looking for accessible.

As for delivery, both boxes came on the designated day and were in the iconic Hello Fresh box. I like that everything was labeled out and I only got the necessary ingredients. It definitely helps to not be wasteful. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I’ve been at the grocery store for a recipe and did not use the full amount of stuff I got. It also is nice because it really helps with portion control and not having too many leftovers.

All of the meals I had were yummy. I loved the Couscous Bowl the most and my least favorite was definitely the Sausage Gnocchi. Whether you like a meal is based on personal preference so definitely no lost stars here. I LOVED the recipe sheets. They were so clear and informative. Not only did it give you step by step directions but it also said all of the pans and other things that you would need to use. The amount of time that you would need to complete the meal was also right on the front and it made meal planning so easy.

As for the negatives, one of the things I found was that the packaging is pretty wasteful. There’s plastic covering most of the foods because they are pre packed so I would like to see Hello Fresh maybe use eco friendly containers. I also thought that for two people, 60 for 3 meals seemed a little expensive. I can go to the grocery story for 60 a week and get enough meals for a week. I think to solve both problems of plastic and cost, it might be useful for them to make 3 meals out of the same ingredients for that week. It would probably cut down on the plastics and maybe the cost.

If you can look past the expense and plastics, I do think Hello Fresh is useful if you’re too busy to put together healthy meals for yourself. For an overall rating, I think I would give my Hello Fresh Review an 8 out of 10. I definitely would sign up and purchase my own boxes here and there when I know I’m having a busy week. I’m not sure if I would use it every week but I must say I am impressed overall with the company!

*This is not an ad or sponsored, all opinions are my own*

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