Got Goals? My Goals for 2020

2020 New Years Goals & Resolutions

Before welcoming in a new year, I like to take a look at the goals and I set for the past year. 2019 was a huge year for me with new responsibilities and mindsets. I actually accomplished the 3 goals I set for myself this past year. For 2020, I wanted to make sure that the goals I set, I stick to and accomplish .

I think a goal for most people is to be healthier and maybe even lose weight. For me, I accomplished my healthy living goal last year and still continue to implement it in my everyday life. I wanted my new goals for 2020 to be more about overall wellness both physically and mentally. Through meditation and positivity both for myself and others, I plan to work on my mental health this year.

Another aspect of my life I really want to tackle this year is definitely to live fearlessly. I tend to say no way too often so I plan to start saying yes more. Whether I say yes more to friends, work or family, I feel like overall I will be living a life with out anxiety and worry. This past year I have stepped out of my comfort zone but not as much as I would have liked to. I need to listen more to those around me and learn to speak less. I want to attract the energy of good people but that can’t happen unless I start putting myself out there.

Aside from just living an overall better life, I want to make sure I actually set aside time to read more. Other than one book over the summer and required reading, I honestly can’t tell you the last time I read a book. Reading is such a great way to unwind at the end of the day and I want to start incorporating it into my nightly routine. I also want to make sure I actually give back. Whether I volunteer or donate goods, I just want to make sure that I am giving to others in need. It’s so important to me to make sure that I stay aware of how lucky I am to live the life I do.

My final and most important goal is to stay motivated and stick to the things that I start. Being a very motivated person means I can bounce from one thing to the next without having to stop for a break. I used to think it was because I would get bored so easily but I believe that it is actually because I lack the motivation for things once I’ve done them for so long. For 2020, I need to make sure that I keep up my promises.

I hope my goals and resolutions have you inspired to create and set some of your own. I know that when I actually sit and write things out I tend to actually see them through. It is so important to hold yourself accountable for things. Why not challenge yourself to set some goals in this new year? Not only is it a new year but also a new decade. There is no better time to accomplish your goals and try new things than right now!

got goals for 2020

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