January Tech Favorites

With the new year in full swing, I’ve decided to implement a new series on my blog call “monthly favorites”. For the next 12 months, each will have one post in the middle with my favorite products and things I’m loving that month. To kick of my favorites series I’m breaking down my January tech favorites!

My first January tech favorites is my iPhone tripod. I got it for Christmas and it has seriously changed the game. It makes taking photos so simple because you don’t need someone else there to take them for you! All you have to do is pop your phone on the tripod and then sync it to the bluetooth from the remote. You can happily take all the photos you want easily and they all come out great!

My next favorite is my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Yes, I did get the most extra iPhone but I’m not gonna lie, it’s worth it. The camera lens on it is insane and since I take pictures for a living it replaces my big bulky cameras. Having such a powerful camera in my pocket ensures that I can easily take photos on the go and always get the best shot.

Now that I’m a dog mom, I literally cannot live without my Furbo Dog Camera. This camera makes leaving my sweet Sky a little easier knowing I can check in on her. The camera resolution is awesome and I love the treat throwing feature!! I can keep her happy and my sanity in knowing she’s okay with this simple and easy to use camera.

January Tech Favorites

Another tech favorite this month is actually an app. I’ve been loving the app Headspace. One of my 2020 goals (click here for the post) was to meditate more and this app leads you through meditations. I love it because you can choose between 3, 5, and 10 minute meditations that are revolving around things like sleep, anxiety, or confidence. This app is so useful and I’m excited to continue to use it on my journey of happier mind.

January tech favorites

My last tech favorite is another app and is called 8fit. It’s for working out. I feel like everyone wants to start the new year happier and healthier so they look to working out. As a dance teacher, I get most of my cardio in at night but I like to do something in the morning to start my day. This app has guided workouts that are like 10 minutes each but they seriously work. I love turning the app on and working out while watching the trainer do the same workout. It’s like we’re working out together and because it’s an app, it sends me daily reminders to work out.

January tech favorites

This January tech favorites post is the first installment of my 2020 favorites series! I hope you love it and that these posts help you to learn about and try new products. These are things that I have been using everyday so far this month and I plan to keep using. I am literally obsessed with them and hope you will be too!

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iPhone Tripod $23.49: Amazon

iPhone 11 Pro Max: Apple

Furbo Dog Camera: Amazon