Summer Glow in Winter

It’s finally that time of year where most of our summer tans have disappeared. Have no fear because a good self- tanner will help to have you glowy and bronze in no time. I love making sure I have a summer glow in winter. One of my absolute favorite self- tanners is by Loving Tan. Not only do they have natural products, but they also have a built in anti-orange so that your tan will never look like an umpa loompa.

I love all their products but my top two are the Ultra Dark Tanning Mouse and their Gradual Tan Lotion in medium/dark. They seriously help to keep my tan looking natural all year round. I also highly recommend trying out their own tanning mitt because it absolutely will make a difference in the look and duration of your tan. Using these products literally gives me such a natural, healthy glow in the winter when the sun is definitely not as strong. Now that you know my products, here’s my routine!

My Routine:

  1. About 1-2 days ahead of when you plan to tan, take a shower and shave your legs. I like to do this a day or two before I tan bc sometimes the tan gives me little hives with fresh legs.
  2. Right before you tan, take a shower and exfoliate your skin. I use an exfoliate glove in order to really get the dead skin off. Exfoliating is key to an even and long lasting tan.
  3. As soon as you get out of the shower, put whatever tan product you plan to use on a mitt and start working it into your skin in circular motions. Make sure you really blend the product in to make sure you don’t have streaks. I like to start at the bottom of my body with legs and work my way up.
  4. As soon as you’re done tanning, put on loose fitting close and plan to do a rinse in about 6-8 hours. (Sometimes I skip this step and just rinse at my next shower)
  5. For the week with your tan, don’t exfoliate in the shower and pat dry when you get out. This will help to preserve your tan.

With following this routine, I usually will be tan for a solid 5 days. On the 6th and 7th days my tan does start to fade so thats generally why I tan at least once a week and make sure that I follow all of these steps.

Now of course being tan all year round might not be everyone’s cup of tea. There is just something about being tan that makes me the happiest. Not only am I more confident in my own skin but I just have that summer vibe in the cold and dreary months of winter. Having the summer glow in winter really helps to keep me happy and motivated for summer. Recently, I just found a really great face oil that tans but I’ve only used it once. I’ll let you know if it works well in my January Favorites post!!

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