Where I’ve Been…

In life I believe we all go through phases in our lives when we’re feeling the least creative or unmotivated to do things we love. For me, I was really dealing with that during November. I love blogging and taking/posting Instagram photos but I soon found myself drowning from school work, my internship, new puppy, and dance work. I felt like my life was fully out of my control and the stress I was under just kept piling up.

I knew that my blog would take some sort of side position in my life once school started back up but I didn’t realize that it would become my last priority. I had so many other things on my plate that my energy was going towards that trying to write blog posts just became mechanic. I was writing merely just to not miss my Wednesday-Thursday deadline. I often would forget to announce the new post on Instagram on my story and I haven’t even been consistently posting on Instagram.

For something that was supposed to be a fun side hustle, it turned into in my eyes my biggest failure. Over the summer my analytics were threw the roof when I was posting consistently. After realizing how much I’ve neglected my blog, looking at my analytics is painful. This paired with the stresses of everyday life left me not at all wanting to blog. I had just too much on my plate that I couldn’t even allow myself to just blog for fun, I turned it into basically a competition for myself.

I finally realized something needed to change in mid November, when I actually stopped uploading. I let my last few scheduled posts go up but I just took the time off to not write blogs and focus on one area of my life at a time. I got my recital dances picked and somewhat choreographed, Sky’s older so she is much less needy, and my internship ended so I had free time again during the week. Finally, I just had to focus on my schoolwork and my puppy and I had the down time I was so desperately looking for.

In that time though, of course I couldn’t sit completely still. I started really posting on Sky’s Instagram and I swear it has really taken off. She has 81 followers in like 2 weeks of consistent posts and I realized how much FUN social media is. When I was doing it for my blog, it seriously became a chore and with Sky, I get to interact with other dogs and the dog moms behind the accounts. This really helped to inspire me to get back to blogging and actually having a desire to want to post. (Follow Sky @skythefrenchgirl)

Blogging never was something to get me Instagram followers or gain lots of money easily. Blogging was an outlet creatively for me and a way to show future employers that I am capable and able to help build an online brand. When I started to focus on the artificial and fake aspects of the internet, I lost myself and the reasons I love doing what I do. Even if you’re not a blogger, the lessons I’ve learned from having my blog can be applied anywhere. You need to remember why you’re doing something and make that the reason you do it. I love sharing my life and my ideas and my style with my audience and that’s what matters most. The numbers don’t matter and they shouldn’t affect why you want to do what you love.

So that’s where I’ve been. I really have been doing some soul searching and I can confidently say I’m back to blogging regularly. My podcast also will be back starting in January. I needed some time to get some better equipment and plan out more podcasts.I will always have a new blog post up on Sundays at 4pm EST but I am not sure yet if I will be posting on another day or just twice a week in general. I will keep you posted and let you all know once I’ve figured that out! Thank you all so much for sticking with me, it really means the world to me.

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