Moisturizers for Winter You Need

moisturizers for winter

If you live in the North East then you know that it’s way too cold for November. Now of course we’re supposed to start having colder weather but this is just way too soon. I’m not here for it. Just this past week we had wind chills in the single digits!! With the change in temperature brings changes in your skin and the need for moisturizers for winter. Most of our household heat sources cause our skin to be extremely dry and just being out in the cold leads to your skin just not being great. I’ve found that having thick moisturizers for winter are key to keep skin hydrated and looking great. Here are my top 3 for winter:

  1. Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream $60

This is actually a new favorite of mine. I only recently found this moisturizer but I absolutely love it. It definitely is very thick so I like to only use it at night when trying to really reset my skin but I wake up with a glowy, supple skin. It is pricy but a little truly goes a long way with this product. I highly recommend this moisturizer if you have really rough dry skin in the winter.

2. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer $27

This is my all time favorite go to moisturizer. I use this both in the summer and winter. It’s a really light moisturizer but it gets the job done. I like to use it in the morning for winter when I don’t want my face to feel so heavy with so many products. It definitely helps to make your skin look and feel different. It a real bang for you buck and lasts forever because you just need a dime size amount to moisturize your entire face!

3. Sephora All Day Hydrator $16

I wrote my Sephora Skin care review in June and I am still in love with this product. It is very light similar to the Clinique but it does keep my skin feeling hydrated all day which is what the product claims to do. It’s so inexpensive that I highly suggest you just try it out and see how you feel about it becau nse it is really great. I find myself wanting it to be a bit thicker when I put it on but it is a great morning product! Shop here!

moisturizers for winter

Whether you try them all or just one, remember that moisturizers are the key to keeping your skin healthy for winter. Maintaining moisture is essential in the dry months of winter so finding your go to moisturizers for winter are essential. Skin care needs to be an all year round process, especially during the winter so be sure to love your skin a little extra in those months!

I hope this is helpful when trying to navigate the crazy world of skin care products. There are so many great products but these are all my top go to products. Stay hydrated and warm this winter!