Sephora Collection Skin Care Review

It’s no surprise that I take my skin care very seriously. I have struggle with acne and oily skin for years until I really started to properly take care of my skin and cut out products with really harsh chemicals. When Sephora announced that they would be launching their own skin care products, I knew that I had to try them out. I decided to purchase their “The Essentials Kit” which costs $20 and comes with a clear skin gel, a hydrator and a mud mask. I also was really intrigued by their “Glow Peel Pads” which are $15 so I decided to pick them up as well.

I usually tend to stick to my usual skin care products but I did appreciate that this line of skin care is clean, affordable, and really easy to use. I applied the clear skin gel as directed and then washed it off. It left my skin feeling pretty clean but not dehydrated. Often with face washes, they are too abrasive and actually strip too much from your skin, leaving it dry and without the hydration in needs. For me, I felt my skin felt and looked great and wasn’t overly dry. I think that this product is definitely very gentle and for my combination skin, it did the job it needed to. I would rate it a 7/10.

For the hydrator, I was excited to try a product with hyaluronic acid that was so affordable. Basically, hyaluronic acid is used to help keep your skin hydrated and keep with water in it. I really liked the milky consistency of this product and I feel like it really helped me to stay hydrated. I liked applying this to my face and then going out for the day because it gave me the prettiest glow. After using this product, I definitely feel like my skin is smoother and the product does what the label suggests. This product is probably a 9/10 for me!

Moving on to the last product in the essentials kit, the mud mask is probably my favorite. I hate when products take forever to try and this was so quick and easy to use. When I initially put it on it seemed like a regular mask but once I washed it off I was so pleasantly surprised. This mask left my skin soft, glowing, and I could actually see some of the bumps on my face minimized. I have not stopped thinking about this product and have used it once a week since I got it. I wish I could use it every day because I just loved the results! 10/10

I was really intrigued by the glow peel pads because I know the good results that come with chemical peels for skin. Because my skin is so sensitive, I have always been apprehensive about the harsh chemicals but when I read that this peel pads have aloe vera, peptides from marine algae, and glycolic acid from sugar cane, I was sold. After reading the directions, it does state to try and stay out of the sun because it is such a deep exfoliant so I would not suggest using this every day in the summer. I have used it a few times and have felt that my skin does seem less dull and more glowy. As we head into the summer months though, I probably won’t use this as often just because I don’t want to have to worry too much about getting really bad burns on my face. These would be a 7/10 for me.

Some products that I didn’t purchase but would like to would definitely be the eye cream, the moisturizer, and the glow serum. I didn’t purchase the entire line because I really only wanted to try out the essentials kit. Overall, this skincare line is great if you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money but want to take great care of your skin with clean products. Like seriously, just look at the prices! Everything is under $20. The packaging and the look of these products also just makes me want to keep them displayed on my bathroom shelf. I definitely will continue trying out these products because if they work as well as my super expensive ones, I might make the full switch when I run out!