My October Favorites

I cannot believe that October is practically over as I write this. October was such a fun first month with Sky but was also a month where I found a lot of my new favorite things! I’ve put together my list of October favorites that you totally need to try in November!

Clinque Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam

october favorites

If you read my skincare routine, then you know that I am obsessed with my Clinique face wash. I recently stumbled across this new version with foam and I fell in love. I feel like it does such a better job of cleaning my face. I love to use this with my face brush and I swear that my face is so smooth every time.

Yogi Detox Tea

october favorites

I’ve recently been more into having tea before bed because it is getting so cold. I love this detox tea because I feel like it helps me digest all the food I’ve eaten during the day and I often wake up not bloated. I know some detox teas do a number on your stomach, but this one doesn’t seem to do anything crazy to me except make me less bloated.

Wild Fable Puffer Jacket

october favorites

Okay, I know that I just uploaded my favorite fall jackets post, but I didn’t have this amazing one yet. Target seriously does it again with this one. This jacket was only $30 and is so trendy and cute. It’s the perfect mix between comfy puffer and boxy cute jacket. For the price, run don’t walk to Target for this one!!

Good and Gather Snacks

october favorites

I am obsessed with Target’s new healthy line of food. Good and Gather from Target is all organic and is seriously so yummy. The apple cinnamon bars remind me of a fig newton but like with apple pie filling. I also think these Lemon Bars are so yummy and might be even better than Rx bars. These bars were definitely cheaper and their whole line is worth checking out.

Purple Halloween Lights

october favorites

These lights added a fun glow to my room for all of those October nights watching a Halloween movie. I actually think I might leave them up at least until before Christmas because I love these. I wanted to include them here because they might go on sale after Halloween!

Selena Gomez’s New Music

This is a more recent favorite but I am absolutely obsessed with Selena’s new songs. I’ve been listening to them non-stop. Younger me is living for the Bieber Gomez drama and the fact that she dropped some awesome songs about it just makes it even better. Follow me here on Apple Music!

Thanks for reading my October favorites. October was such a fun month and I am literally obsessed with all of these awesome products that I have tried. Let me know in the comments below what your October favorites were or if you’ve tried any of mine!

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