Jackets for Fall You Can’t Live Without

My favorite fall accessory is a jacket. Jackets during fall are the perfect accent to any outfit and are generally going to be your statement piece because it’s going to be most visible. Jackets for fall are the first thing people will see because it’s not like summer where you can leave the house without one. I’ve gathered all of my favorite fall jackets for you to hopefully break down the idea that jackets have to be bulky and made out of weird materials. These jackets for fall are perfect for all style tastes!

The Peacoat

jackets for fall, peacoat

This is a classic fall/winter jacket for me. It might not be the most warm but it gives off a really classy, put together vibe. I suggest having a peacoat in a few different colors so that you’ll have one for all of the events you need to go to and it can match your outfit perfectly. My peacoat is from J Crew a few seasons ago but here is a link to a similar one!

The Puffer

Now puffers might be a little more winter related but I love starting to wear them on those cold fall nights. I have two really cute puffers here with different material. The white is a classic winter jacket material but the cut makes it so flattering. It’s boxy and slightly cropped so it would look great with a workout outfit or anything street style related. On the other image, I have a suede pink puffer. I’m obsessed with this because it gives the classic puffer a really fun twist. The suede puffer is from Abercrombie but the other is from Target. Here’s a link to the similar one!

The Denim

jackets for fall, denim jacket

I love love love a denim jacket with a hoodie. I think it gives such a cool and cozy vibe. Denim jackets scream fall to me and I couldn’t imagine fall fashion without one. I like to get my denim jackets for fall a little more oversized so that I am able to layer with them. It helps to make it so much easier when I’m not trying to shove my bulky sweatshirt into a cropped jacket. I also think it could be fun to get a colored denim jacket. I know black ones are really cool but I also think a red one could be perfect for fall. Here’s the link to my exact one!

The Teddy

jackets for fall, teddy jacket

These were huge last year but I think that they’re back again this year. The I.am.Gia craze might be over but nearly every store has some sort of teddy jacket. I’m obsessed with mine from garage when I want to be extra cozy and warm. I definitely don’t wear this jacket out as often but I think it is a staple in most people’s wardrobes. Here’s a link to a target dupe!

The Fun Ones

jackets for fall

I am literally so obsessed with a fun jacket for fall. I love this pink fuzzy one from Lulus but I also am obsessed with any kind of statement color jackets. I have a gorgeous yellow from Brooks Brothers but I think statement jackets for fall are a must. Find one you’re obsessed with and just rock it and live it.

The Leather

jackets for fall

I had to finish off this post with my all time favorite fall jacket, a leather one. Leather jackets are the perfect accent to fall because of their texture and warmth. Adding a scarf to a leather jacket is the perfect accessory to any fall outfit. This one is from Topshop and is real leather but you can totally get a faux leather one for much cheaper.

I think fall jackets are so important in putting together the best fall outfits. Jackets are what people will see so you have to make sure you’re choosing wisely. I’m a bit jacket obsessed but for good reason, not only are jackets for fall key to keeping you warm they also are great to add to any outfit. Check out my last fashion post here. Follow me on Insta for more fall fashion: @cassiedenisco!

What’s your favorite type of fall jacket?