Halloween Party Ideas that you Have to Try

The count down to Halloween is now in the single digits which means my annual Halloween Night party is almost here! I love hosting a Halloween night party because I live in a really high traffic area for Trick or Treaters and houses that give out candy. We have my little cousins and family all come for dinner and then we trick or treat and finish the night with dessert and handing out candy. Now my parties aren’t too crazy but everyone always has a great time so I’m sharing some halloween party ideas!


Carving pumpkins isn’t only fun it also provides for some great decor. I love to carve the pumpkins prior to trick or treating so that we can display them for all to see. I also think getting a cute banner that says like “Happy Halloween” or “Trick or Treat” is a great addition. Target has some really cute ones! Having the perfect table setting also sets for a great vibe. I like to get the tougher table clothes so that I can reuse them year to year, especially if I really love the design.


In my house, it is a tradition to have “bat balls and worms” for Halloween dinner. It might just be spaghetti and meatballs to some but it’s definitely an easy meal to throw together. It’s also awesome to have ready when your guests arrive but leave it on the stove while you’re out trick or treating. You get to come back to an easy meal to reheat. For dessert, cupcakes are always my go to. I made these adorable mummy cupcakes by using white frosting and a straight icing tip. I added these candy eyes and they are a total hit!


Making sure your kids are entertained all night might seem hard but having games on hand to keep them busy. Target has an entire aisle with some really cute games. I grabbed this pumpkin bean bag toss game and the kids absolutely love it. I also have bingo and a pin the skull head on the skull. All of the games fit the Halloween theme perfectly and were really inexpensive. They’re great to reuse year after year and are always a crowd favorite!

I hope that these halloween party ideas help you get inspired for your own party. Halloween is the best time of year and I seriously love the spooky season. Let me know if you have any of your own favorite halloween party ideas in the comments below!

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