Best Foods from Trader Joe’s

If you’ve never been to Trader Joe’s, I highly suggest going and seeing what its all about. A lot of times people equate Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods but Trader Joe’s is a little cheaper and is not necessarily all organic, but is still very healthy. There are so many cool different types of foods that you’ll find there so I suggest leaving a little extra time to explore the store.

Instead of walking you through the store, I created this downloadable shopping list for your trip. Feel free to download it and use it when you go. I promise you that the foods on this list will not disappoint. These are my all time FAVORITE items to buy and they are so yummy!

Don’t forget to check out the flower shop when you enter. They usually have the most beautiful flowers for great prices. I just recently got peonies, my favorite flowers, for half the price of Whole Foods.

Do you have any Trader Joe’s shopping tips? Let me know in the comments below!