My Tips for Selling on Poshmark

With a job like mine, I am constantly shopping for new clothes. Sometimes its just not possible to wear everything I get. I turn to selling on Poshmark to get something back for the clothes I’ve purchased and only really worn once. I love stores like Plato’s Closet, who actually go through the clothes you take to them but sometimes more expensive pieces don’t make you the most back. Poshmark on the other hand is so nice because you can decide what you want to charge. I’m basically a pro now so I’ve put together some tips for selling on Poshmark.

Only Sell Name Brand Items

You might be saying, someone will by your shirt but they probably won’t. I find that I actually sell brands like Lululemon, TopShop, and even Urban Outfitters so much faster because of the name brands. Sometimes I’ll upload things and they either take forever to sell or never sell at all. Posting more name brand and trendy brands will make your pieces perform so much better.

Price Accordingly

With any second hand shopping, know you’re probably not going to get what you originally paid for. After all, these pieces were worn or even gently worn. I generally get around $65-70 dollars for my $98 Lululemon Aligns. Still a good price but not exactly what I paid for. If you price too high, you’ll be stuck with your clothes for much longer than you’d like.

Use Keywords in Your Listing

I’m sure we’d all love to list our “cute pink shirt” but making sure we use the brand title as the first word will help people find your listing much easier. Poshmark has a search feature and it’s important that you’re items get seen when people are search for a specific thing. Make sure to detail the style of the clothing too so that when people search, it pops right up for them!

Items Can be Sent Back

Be warned, people can send items back if they aren’t happy with them. Make sure what you’re posting is high quality and doesn’t have any damage or rips. You want to grow your reputation on Poshmark so that people will come back and shop with you again so it’s so important that you sell only your best quality pieces.

Poshmark and other websites like Thread Up are awesome but you really have to know how to sell on them to get the most out of them. Let me know in the comments below some of your favorite resale websites or stores!!

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