DIY Powder Gel: Does it Work?

I have been getting my nails done religiously for years but because of COVID, it stopped me in my tracks. I love a good powder gel mani but does the DIY powder gel you can buy off of Amazon cut it? Well lucky for you I tried it out and I’m going to give you my honest review of DIY powder gel.

diy powder gel

After doing some research, I ended up purchasing this kit on Amazon for $39.99. This kit pretty much came with everything I needed like the colors, the polishes and even a fluffy duster brush. I already had a cuticle cutter, a buffer square and also a cuticle pusher thing. I found all of those to be really helpful to have on hand and suggest you grab too!

This kit came with really nice instructions which made it easy to use. I started off filing my nails and then cleaning up the cuticles. The instructions said to make sure to buff them out so that there was no shininess and then you were good to go. I applied everything just as the directions said but I realized a huge key to doing this myself was realizing you have to go light on the powder and let it completely dry. I noticed at the end I had to do a lot of filing which I probably could have avoided knowing my tip before hand.

Overall, I think this could be game changing. One of my main issues with going into the nail salon is just how long it takes. I can be sitting there for hours and that’s something that I can’t stand. Doing it at home takes just as long, but I can multitask and get work done. Also, with COVID I think for now this is just something that I would rather do for health reasons. Not to mention, this is way cheaper as well.

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