My Updated Skincare Routine

Last summer at the start of my blog, I shared my 2019 skincare routine, which you can find here. This summer I’m back with some of the same products and new ones that I am absolutely obsessed with for an updated skincare routine. Keeping your skin healthy from an early age is so important and having a good skincare routine early on will set you up for success.

Face Wash

skincare routine

Finding a good face wash for your skin type is hard, so I stopped trying. I went back to my tried and true product, Cetaphil and it really just does the job. It cleanses my skin, doesn’t break me out, and is super gentle. I highly recommend this is you have sensitive skin like me because I kept finding that other face washes would leave my skin either way too dry or break me out. 


skincare routine

I am still using my Clinique toner. This just really does the job and helps to exfoliate my skin. I did attempt to make the change to witch hazel but after some research,  I realized it wasn’t going to help my skin in the long run. I use the cotton rounds and apply this after I wash my face and my skin is left soft and clean.


I switch up my moisturizer depending on the time of day. In the morning, I love to use the Clinique Dramatically Different Gel moisturizer. I love this one because its light and for the summer, does the job but isn’t too thick. At night, or after being in the sun for too long, I use the Drunk Elephant whipped cream. This is thick so I use it at night to reset my skin for the next day.

Eye Cream

skincare routine

I actually got this eye cream for free to try and I fell in love with it. The name might sound weird but this algae eye cream by Biossance is literally so good. It’s thick and feels amazing on the skin. I am absolutely obsessed with it. I love a thicker eye cream because it just feels like its working better than one thats thinner. 

Other Face Products

Other products that I love but aren’t a part of my daily skincare routine are my jade roller, face brush, and face steamer. I love using these products once or a few times a week to help reset my skin. Facial steam once a week helps to open my pores and get out impurities. I like to jade roll in the mornings to help with puffiness and I try to use electric face brush a few times a week to exfoliate. One other products that I have been loving is an eyelash serum. I got this one from Amazon, and it absolutely has helped my lashes grow!

Skincare is so important and is something that you should start early. Creating good habits while you’re young will help to alleviate some problems as you age. What is something that’s a part of your skincare routine that you can’t live without?

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