French Bulldog Must Haves for Heat

Frenchie tips + products for summer

My puppy Sky just turned one so I thought it was fitting that I put together a list of French Bulldog must haves. Frenchies are a super unique breed with some potential for health problems but to be honest, that comes with any dog. I have had the best experience so far with my French Bulldog and she is a serious goof ball. Here’s my list of French Bulldog must haves for heat!

One thing that you don’t realize about Frenchies until you have them is how hard it can be for them in the summer. Because of the structure of their nose and their fur, staying cool becomes a real challenge. Aside from having air conditioning on and not walking her in the heat of the day, she still loves to go out and play but I realized she would get hot and tired so quickly. I purchased these French Bulldog must haves for heat below and I am so glad I did!

Cooling Vest

french bulldog must haves

I got mine from Canada Pooch and Sky and I are obsessed with it. A cooling vest works to help dogs sweat since that is something they can’t do on their own. I put Sky’s in cold water, ring it out, and then put it on her for a few hours. Be sure to check that it hasn’t gotten to warm periodically so that you’re not making her more hot. I have noticed a serious change with her with this on because she’s able to take a nap and get comfy in it when its hot. It also it prevents her from getting to hot on walks. This an ABSOLUTE French Bulldog must have for heat and will seriously help your Frenchie this summer. (For reference Sky is 23 pounds and I got a size 14)

Cooling Collar

Similar to the cooling vets, a cooling collar works the same way. It’s just focused on keeping their neck and head cool. Sky isn’t the biggest fan of having something wet on her neck but I love using this when we’re just hanging outside for a little while. I initially purchased the two pack on Amazon but haven’t used the ice one yet. The blue one gets the job done and keeps her cool. I purchased the Canada Pooch one when I got the vest and I love this one too. This one is definitely more high quality and keeps cool longer BUT the Amazon one is the one she is definitely more comfortable in.

Cooling Mat

french bulldog must haves

Sky isn’t so sure about this one but I feel like on really hot days she’ll thank me. This cooling mat from Amazon is really cool because it has an ice insert that keeps it cool for hours. Right now, she doesn’t lay on it to sleep but she does eat her bones on it . This mat is great to keep her cool and comfy when she’s hanging out on the deck outside. The ice in it lasts awhile and I high recommend trying this out.

My Sky loves to be outside which is something that is just not feasible for her all summer long. She does pretty well in the heat, at least she has so far, so with all of these products it does allow her to be outside much longer. Some tips for keeping your dog cool are to always have fresh water. I also have see the rule to not let them play too long in over 75-80 degree weather. My final tip is to give your pup cool treats frequently. Whether it’s an ice cube or a puppy pop (recipe here), cool treats help them to cool down just like us!

If you’re a Frenchie parent or any dog parent with tips and tricks on how to keep your dog comfy and cool this summer, leave a comment below! Let me know what you thought of these French Bulldog must haves.

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