Tie Dye Sets to Make at Home during Quarantine!

I absolutely jumped on the tie dye sets bandwagon. I mean, if you haven’t tie dyed or made banana bread did you even quarantine? Making these sets not only gave me something to do but it also gave me a super comfy outfit to lounge in. I decided on two different versions of tie dye sets. I made a bleach dye black set and then pink with pink tie dye set.

Because it seems everyone is making these, I ended up ordering mine from Walmart online. I decided to grab an all black set and then a pink set. I made Sky a shirt and a set for my mom so will all of that and a tie dye kit, I ended up spending around $65 when most online are like $100. Also, the shipping took less than a week on Walmart so it was really fast with everything going on. I think you’ll be surprised with just how easy these tie dye sets were to make!

Bleach Dye

tie dye sets

I decided to do my bleach dye set first. It was actually not as scary as it may seem. I first rinsed out the set and made sure to get most of that water out. Then I rubber banded the pants and top. I didn’t bother to do the usual patterns, I actually just went in and randomly pulled up pieces. Once it was time to bleach, I put it in a liquid measuring cup instead of just using the bottle so it had more mobility. I let the bleach set for about 10 minutes and then put it right in the washing machine. It was so easy and I really love the way it came out.

Tie Dye

tie dye sets

For this one, I didn’t wash the set prior. I just put the dye on while the set was dry. I also made sure to do the tie dye swirl on the sweatshirts and then for the rest, I did it just like the bleach dye where I randomly banded pieces. This dye had to set for 6-8 hours so just be aware of that when you start this project. Once that time was up, I rinsed out some of the dye just so it wouldn’t fully ruin my washing machine. I kept the rubber bands in while I rinsed it and then I took them out before I put them in the washer and dryer.

This was a really fun project to do during this quarantine. I absolutely love the comfy tie dye sets I now have. I think the best part was that each tie dye sets were only around $22 each. On some websites they are selling sets like these for up to and even over $100. Quarantine can be pretty boring but making fun projects like this really helps to pass them time. Be sure to subscribe to the blog so that you don’t miss any new posts!

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