Puppy Products You Need Right Now!

It’s hard to believe that Sky is now 10 months old! I’ve been putting together a list of puppy products you need right now these past 7 months. These months have had some of the best and hardest times of my life. People really aren’t kidding when they say puppies are as hard as babies. My list of responsibilities has grown but I wouldn’t change a thing because she is always the best part of my day.

One major thing I’ve learned from having a puppy, similar to a baby, is you have to do what’s best for your own dog regardless of the tips people give you. It’s always nice to hear what products people love or training tricks they have but you have to be flexible because something that one person loves might not work for you and your pup. This list is full of products and things I’ve come to love for Sky and would reccomend you and your pup try out!

1. Hut or Play Pen

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We soon found out that Sky hated her metal cage. No matter how comfy we tried to make it, she would just freak out in it. After some research, we found this mesh play pen from Amazon and she is so comfortable in it. We use it similar to how we would use her crate but it’s just more cozy than a normal cage. This was a serious game changer!

2. Car Seat

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I will never drive with Sky again without her car seat! We used to just keep her on my lap in the passenger seat but she started to get so crazy, not to mention it’s not the safest for her to not be tethered to something. This K & H Pet Bucket Booster was pricy, but we bring it inside when she’s not using it and it doubles as a bed in my kitchen for her. This a puppy products that changed the game for us. It’s seriously awesome because it keeps her safe and she loves to be in it!

3. Antlers over Raw Hide

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For so long I remember getting raw hide bones for my families’ dogs but they are not good for them! Once they eat the raw hide it can expand in their stomachs and then make them sick. We switched to antler chews for Sky because as she gets older, she does need something to chew and these are more natural. We get them at all stores like Walmart, Petsmart, or PetCo and they keep her busy and happy!

3. Ear Cleaners

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With Sky being a French Bulldog, her ears stand straight up and attract so much dirt. She even got an ear infection because we weren’t doing the best job cleaning them. We found a cleaner that you pour into their ears, let it sit for a second and then have them shake out. After that, we take a cotton pad and just gently pull out the extra wax that didn’t already come out. It definitely is more effective and helps to keep her ears healthy.

5. Velcro Harness

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This is another Frenchie tip but I do think velcro harnesses are really great for all dogs. We noticed for Sky, normal harnesses don’t sit correctly on all of her muscles and she needed one to come up higher on her neck and leave more room for her shoulders. We love this Voyager Harness from Amazon not only for the quality but for the price as well. We’ve actually gone through two harnesses and I don’t think I’ll ever buy another brand, unless I want a patterned one!

6. Fruitables Dog Treats

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What I’ve learned about treats is that if you wouldn’t eat them yourself, you shouldn’t give them to your puppy. I like to get minimal ingredient treats. It’s good to know exactly what the ingredients are and I would eat myself. I love the Fruitables dog treats because they are minimal ingredients and the actually smell good. I also love that they help Sky get in her fruits and veggies that are so good for her.

7. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

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Dental hygiene is so important even in dogs so as weird as it sounds, brushing your dogs teeth should be a step in their weekly routines. Sky actually doesn’t hate having her teeth brushed but I find her tooth brush and paste does much better then the cleaning stick treats. I prefer just putting the little silicone brush on my finger because I can really move around her teeth. Starting with a good oral hygiene routine now will set your puppy up for a great mouth as they get older. These puppy products are a must get.

8. Kong Products

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Not only are these a yummy treat for your pup, but they also are a tool for you to use to keep them distracted! The puppy phase is definitely tough, especially working from home so I loved giving Sky a little peanut butter or a few small treats in here when I needed her to play quietly. I highly recommend these because they help to keep you and your puppy sane!

9. Training

I was definitely skeptical about enrolling Sky in training programs. With her breed and what I’ve read, they’re usually pretty easy to train but I’m so glad we signed her up. We use clicker training and to this day, it still works. I would look into it if you’re looking for a training method for your dog. We found a beginner class at our local Petsmart and not only did she learn tricks, she also got to socialize with so many puppy friends which was great!

10. Gates

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Sky came home on a Saturday and by Monday our house was already gated. Baby gates are so helpful because they allow her to roam freely in the room we’re in, without her heading to another room. With working from home, I would just keep her in whatever room I was in and it would make my life so much easier. Everyone I know agrees gates are a must get puppy products.

Getting Sky was seriously the best time of my life so far and she is the greatest companion. I know a lot of you are thinking about getting puppies or just got one because of quarantine so I say just do it. I hope this list of puppy products is so helpful! As long as you can afford them and will give them the love they deserve, it’s always the perfect time to add a new friend to your home.

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