Winter Workouts I Love

winter workouts

Major disclaimer here: I am definitely no fitness coach but I do love to workout it unconventional ways. Most of my favorite workouts are outside but during the winter workouts are way too cold for that. I hate going to the gym so I like to make sure that whatever workout I do is one that I can either do at home or do somewhere else that’s not a traditional gym. Here is my list of winter workouts that I love.

Kayla Itsines Program

I actually have been through this program twice and I love the results. It’s for 12 weeks and it gives you set workouts to do. Most of them don’t require equipments but some just need like a medicine ball or dumb bells that you can grab at Target. I definitely think this program is perfect for winter workouts because you don’t have to leave your house but you’re also pretty much guaranteed a great bikini body in summer.

Pilates/ Yoga

Depending on where you live, you might not have a stand alone studio to do pilates or yoga in so you might have to go to your local gym. Luckily for me I have a studio near me and I love going to classes here and there. Pilates will always leave me with that really sore feeling that I love. I feel like I got an awesome workout in that really toned my body. Yoga on the other hand I love because it keeps me nice and flexible as well as somewhat toning me up. For a challenge, try a hot yoga class!

Home Gym

I know this one might not be feasible for everyone but investing in a spin bike or a tread mill at home might make all the difference. You have the comfort of your own home to workout however and whenever you want. I find that in winter I crave a better workout but I never want to actually leave because it’s so cold. I found my equipment for super cheap on Amazon and I am absolutely obsessed!

Winter workouts don’t need to feel like a chore. Just find something you love and stick with it. I hope these winter workouts will inspire you to stay healthy even in the hardest and coldest months to do so. Let me know in the comments below your winter workouts.

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