Acai Bowls at Home

acai bowls

It might be fall but I still love acai bowls for breakfast! Not only are they super delicious but they also keep me full all morning. The real key to acai bowls are the consistency. My recipe is guaranteed to make you the perfect bowl each and every time. Feel free to alter my recipe however you’d like or use it as is. I absolutely love acai bowls and I even have included a hack to making them even easier.


Frozen acai packets

1 Banana

1 c mixed berries

1/2 c almond milk

1 scoop collagen peptides

1 scoop of protein power (any flavor)


  1. In a blender, I prefer the Nutri bullet, blend the acai, 1/2 of the banana and the mixed berries.
  2. Once somewhat blended add the collagen, protein powder, and blend.
  3. Gradually add the milk. Make sure you only add it a little at a time so that you can ensure it stays as a bowl and doesn’t turn into a smoothie.
  4. Put it in a bowl and add whatever toppings you’d like. I love banana, granola, honey, and coconut flakes!

Acai bowls can take awhile in the morning but if you pre make a huge bowl of it and freeze it, you can defrost a little each morning and just add your toppings. I also find that if you are still hungry after having a bowl, you can add some type of nut butter to increase your protein which will help you stay fuller longer.

I love acai bowls and they can be such a fun treat in the morning or at any point during the day. You can make them exactly however you’d like which makes it the best and easiest way to switch up your morning breakfasts.

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