My Netflix and Chill Must Watch Shows this Fall

It’s finally feeling like fall here in New York and I’m absolutely obsessed with the idea that Netflix and chill season has officially arrived. There’s no better feeling to get home from a long day and get cozy with a great show on Netflix. Whether you’re watching these movies and shows with yourself, your besties or your significant other they’re sure to make your chill sesh perfect.

Mind Hunter

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I cannot recommend this show enough. It’s literally so good and so easy to binge watch. The plot surrounds to FBI agents who are starting to investigate the term serial killers and why they do what they do. Based on a true story, this show basically shows how the term serial killer came about and how the behavioral sciences unit of the FBI came to be. I really recommend this show if you like shows similar to Criminal Minds because this show is the history behind it. Perfect for a cozy fall night in.

Stranger Things

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I won’t lie, I was so late on this show’s fandom. For awhile I was against it because I don’t really like gory shows but after watching my first episode of Stranger Things, I literally binged the whole series one weekend in July. The kid actors are awesome in this show and the whole story line is so cool. I love the fact that the show is moving more into historical fiction with scify mixed in because it really has something for everyone. Definitely a few scary scenes so watching with someone else if definitely recommended. Ps. RIP Hop, or maybe not.


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On a lighter note, and not a series, the movie Sextuplets is hilarious. It reminds me of a Madea type film but is seriously so funny. The plot follows an adopted man on a journey to find out where he came from. He finds out that he actually has five other siblings and the movie follows him on his adventures meeting them. I love watching some comedies when hanging out because you don’t have to be so focused on what’s going on with the show and you can just have a great laugh with whoever you’re with.

American Horror Story

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This show is my go to fall Netflix and chill show. AHS screams Halloween and fall to me because of the creepy and scary nature of the show. What I love most about AHS is that has a different theme for each season. This helps to keep the show fresh and lets it cover all sorts of creepy concepts. I definitely don’t love some of the later seasons but the first few, especially Freak Show, are seriously my favorite. If you Netflix and Chill with me this season then I guarantee that we’re watching at least an episode of this. The new season of AHS, “1984”, premieres September 18th on FX but you can binge all the other seasons on Netflix.

As you can tell, I love murder, mystery and horror shows and movies for fall. To me they help make the perfect fall night. They also help me to get int the mood for my favorite holiday which is Halloween. If you’re Netflix and chilling with me this fall, I guarantee that we’ll be watching any of these shows! Let me know what your favorite Netflix and Chill movies are below or on my latest Instagram post!