My Favorite Apps to Edit Instagram Photos

Everyone knows that the key to a great Insta feed is having uniformity in all your pictures which is best achieved with a photo editor. This might be easy if you want to keep reusing the same photo but an easier way to make pictures look the same is in how you edit them. I seriously go back and forth with if I liked edited photos or if I prefer them more natural but recently I’ve found a hack that makes all my photos look so great!

My secret to editing photos starts with the apps you use. For the longest time I was just using VSCO but found that it was hard to save the changes I made so that I could reuse them later on another picture. I’d always have to go back in and try to remember the exact numbers I had used in brightness and contrast so that the pics would look the same. I still like VSCO for the presets but now that I really have figured out what I like with my photos my latest obsession is with 2 apps that I doubt I could live without.

I initially decided to purchase the Afterlight app because I loved the presets that they had. When creating my blog, I wanted my photos to be bright, clean and maybe have a hint of pink in them and I found that the Lumen preset makes my photos look exactly how I want them to if I’m taking blog photos for just objects.

My holy grail for every photo I take of myself is actually Lightroom. I use the free version for the iPhone but I do know that the desktop version does have a monthly subscription. Lightroom is awesome because it does have some great presets but it is seriously SO easy for me to save the settings that I love as my own presets. I usually will pick one of my presets and then just adjust as needed and it gives my Instagram feed the same vibe.

Another app that I love but don’t use that often is the Unum app. This app is actually used to plan out your feed so it really helps you pick and choose which photo should go where. I also love this app because there’s a whiten feature that helps brighten up and make my white wall photos really pop.

I seriously understand how scary editing Instagram photos can be but the apps I have shared with you seriously help make life easier. The key to a great Instagram is of course the actually photo but having all these tools and resources to help enhance those photos is so helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you have any photo hacks or editing tips that you can’t live with out!

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