Getting Back into A Routine After Vacation

Vacations always are so much fun but can mess with your daily routines. From eating unhealthy to going to bed whenever, getting back on track can sometimes be so difficult so I put together some of my favorite ways to reset after vacation and get back into your daily routine.

  1. Drink Water!!

I swear that I don’t drink enough water when I’m on vacation. The first thing that I do when I get home is fill up my hydro flask and get back into the routine of drinking so much water. Not only will it help with getting rid of all the food you ate during the vacay it’ll also help to get you back on track with eating healthy.

2. Restock your Fridge

I like to make a rule that after a vacation I’m only going to buy fresh produce and proteins. By setting a limit for myself on what I can and can’t buy, it makes it easier to not be tempted into having all the yummy foods I just ate during vacation. A big one for me is ice cream so I like to make sure it’s completely out of my house before I get back so I’m not even tempted, since it’s my favorite thing to get on vacation.

3. Slowly start to Workout

I can’t tell you how many times I force myself into the gym the day after I come home. Not only do I fell gross but I’m seriously just not into because I’m still in vacation mode. I find that by not going so hard right away, it makes it easier for me to get back into my normal workout routine.

4. Unpack right Away

GUYS!! This might be the most important thing you read: don’t leave your dirty laundry and unpacked suitcase just lying around. I know how insanely hard it is to unpack your bags after a great vacation but you just have to do it and not put it off.

5. Plan before you go

I love making a list of things that I want/need to do after I come back from vacation. This helps me keep myself accountable and stay on track with getting back into a routine. I always like to make sure my house is picked up and clean before I leave for vacation so that when I get back it’s just one less thing I need to worry about.

I am constantly traveling whether it’s family vacations or trips for work so I pretty much have it down to a science. Coming home from amazing trips is literally so difficult but you have to push through and get back on your routine. I promise you won’t regret this tips!

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