A Day in My Life as a Blogger

Recently, I’ve been getting so many questions about what exactly I do as a blogger. A huge misconception about blogging is definitely that all bloggers have to do each week is write a blog post, upload it, and share it on social media. While that is true, it’s literally only a fraction of what I do each day, let alone each week.

A lot of people have different views towards bloggers and what exactly they do. From an outside perspective, it might seem like an easy hobby that you can make some money off of but I was seriously shocked when I started blogging and realized how much work actually has to go into it for your blog to be successful.

From brainstorming blog ideas to dealing with SEO tools, blog posts will typically take me at least 3 days to be completely finished. I constantly think back to when I started my blog and wonder how I thought uploading a blog everyday would be a good idea. After almost 3 months of consistent blogging and website traffic, I feel like I can share my typical day and maybe inspire one of you to start a blog of your own!

Just putting it out there that this day in my life is geared more towards the summer. I haven’t gone back to school yet and I haven’t started teaching dance again every night so I definitely see this routine drastically changing once September rolls around. Also, I decided to choose a Monday because I absolutely love Mondays. (I know you probably think I’m crazy)

Monday August 12th

7:30 am: I wake up every morning at 7:30 am, now this might not mean I’m out of bed but I am definitely awake and starting to check my social media accounts. I know how bad of a habit it is but I just like to get it over with first thing so that I kind of know what I need to do for the day.

8:00 am: I’m an avid morning workout person but lately I’ve been opting to stay home and workout instead of going out to a class or the gym. I like to go on walks or runs around my neighborhood or use the gym equipment that I already have at home. I try to at least do an hour and then hop in the shower, brush my teeth, and do my skincare routine.

9:00 am: By this time, I’m ready to sit down and get to work. I start every work day with checking my emails to answer back brands or people. I also make sure I’ve responded to any comments on my social media account or dm’s. After that, Monday’s I write my blog post for Wednesday’s so I usually get to work on that. Blog posts can take me anywhere from an hour to 3 hours to write based on what they’re about or if they’re a lot of images to include. Once my blog is written, I send over the pictures to my graphic designer and he puts together all of the promotional pictures for my Pinterest or my Instagram story. He works super fast so usually I’ll have them back that day. I wait a day to schedule and edit my blog post so I move on to researching keywords that are trending for my next blog post. Using more trending keywords from Google helps to boost your post on Google when people also search that term. I also like to schedule Pinterest pins using an app called Tailwind. It basically will automatically repin your posts which is good to help get more views on your content. I like to schedule my Instagram posts and stories for the week on Monday so that I have them all set and don’t really have to think about them during the rest of the week. Generally, I finish off my work day interacting on social media by liking and commenting on posts. This helps to boost your engagment numbers which helps brands want to work with you.

5:00 pm: As you can tell I usually work for like 7- 8 hours a day on my blog. It’s never just a quick and easy day for me. By this time I plug everything in and put down all of my electronics. I LOVE going to Starbucks to grab some sort of drink to reward myself after a long day.

6:00 pm: I start making whatever I’m having for dinner and begin to unwind for the night. Since it was a Monday night, I watched Bachelor in Paradise from 8-10pm. I really try my hardest to not be on social media during this time and just like sign off for the night by doing my night time routine.

10:00 pm: Any day of the week you will find me in bed at this time. Sleep is like my thing and if I don’t get enough of it I can’t function the next day.

As you can see, I have a pretty busy schedule and most of my days look like this. I’m currently doing a lot of preplanning and scheduling of blog and social media posts so that once my life gets crazy again I am not missing out on any of my obligations. For awhile, a lot of my friends thought that I was just wasting the day away not really doing much but I seriously have something to do every minute of the day as a blogger.

I think a key takeaway to this blog post is that you will get out of your blog what you put into it. If you’re spending as much time a day on your blog posts and website as I am then you probably will be pretty successful. I’ve only been blogging for 3 months and I’ve seriously already surpassed where I thought I would be when I started so for me, I must be doing something right.

Blogging is really rewarding and I am seriously so happy I got into it because getting to share my life and my ideas with all of you is so cool. I hope you got a little glimpse into the life of a blogger and that it’s not the sunshine and rainbows that people always think it might be!