Summer Hairstyle Ideas

Summer is not over yet. I repeat summer is definitely not over yet!!!

Just because it’s August doesn’t mean we have to be totally in back to school mode. I am definitely still thinking of the beach and the nice warm weather that we are still having. One thing I usually seriously struggle with is hairstyles in the summer because the humidity does a number on my hair. I’ve put together some of my favorite hairstyles that look cute, are so easy, and help fight frizzy hair in the summer heat.

My “Elsa” Braid

This braid might look super hard to do but its actually SO easy. First, just make a deep side part. Then, start dutch braiding your hair. To Dutch braid, just start your braid crossing under instead of on top like you would a French braid. (Dutch braids are basically box braids) Once you start braiding all the way down the front side of your head continue the braid and use a hair tie to secure it. I suggest bobby pinning the side of your head thats not braided so that it doesn’t fall apart when you’re pulling the braid out. To pull the braid, just start gently tugging on each side of it until you like how it looks and it starts to mimic a pancake. This braid is so easy and I think its so cute for summer!

My Beach Waves

A lot of people don’t like to use heat on their hair in the summer and that’s okay but I find that curling my hair actually locks in the style and the hairspray seriously helps frizz. I also start with straightened hair and then I just loosely curl my hair with a curling iron. Instead of using the curling iron traditionally, I’ll actually wrap my hair around the barrel like a wand and then use the clamp. I’m not sure how or why but it helps preserve the curl and leave it looking so naturally and wavy. This is seriously one of my fav hairstyles just because it makes you look like you just got out of the ocean.

Crown Braid

This type of braid is definitely more involved and a little trickier but I still love it nonetheless. First I do another deep side part and start braiding half of my hair with a dutch braid. Then, instead of braiding the other half at the top of my head, I start at the nape of my neck and braid all the way up from the bottom. I pull the braid so that it flattens out and then put bobby pins in so that it stays in place. I love love love the look of this braid and think its so perfect for the beach or even for a night out. I like to pull the side pieces out and some from the top so that it gives it an airy, fairy type of feel.

Space Buns

This hairstyle is out of this world! I start by parting my hair down the middle and making it into high pigtails. When you’re making these buns, make sure to pull them out and make them big and messy. I love the look of oversized buns because thin and small ones tend to look super weird on the top of your head. I also like to make sure I pull some pieces of hair down and out at the front to frame my face so that it doesn’t looks super structured.

I absolutely love all of these hairstyles for not only summer but they also could be great for back to school. They’re super easy to do and I think they all look so great. Let me know in the comments below which hairstyle you love most and check out my IGTV video on how I make my Elsa braid! Follow me on Instagram here: @cassiedenisco