6 Ways to Save the Planet as a College Student

It’s so important now more than ever that we start to realize that similar to our bodies, we only get one earth. We only have one chance to treat it right and to enjoy the beauty and resources we get from it. For years I never cared at all about reducing my consumption or making switches to more eco friendly products but now it’s seriously all I think about. Here are my favorite ways that college kids like us can save the planet.

  1. Bring your own bags to the store

I absolutely love stores like Urban Outfitters or Lululemon that give away free reusable bags with every purchase. It really helps to not use plastic but most grocery stores aren’t so helpful. I went on Amazon and found a pack of super cute reusable pink bags that were so cheap but I also know they sell them literally everywhere. What do you actually use that plastic bag for after you bring your groceries home? Probably nothing, so you might as well bring your cute one from home. Pro tip: as soon as you bring your groceries inside, just put the bags back in your car so you’ll always have them.

2. Plastic straws aren’t cute

That iced latte you just got from Starbucks might taste good but it might kill your favorite little sea animal in a year. Seriosuly, if you’re bored do some research on what actually happens to plastic straws, it’s not pretty. I made the switch to glass or silicon straws at home. There’s also some cute travel straws that you can bring out with you wherever you go. Pro tip: ask for a nitro lid when you’re at Starbucks. You can still enjoy your iced drink but won’t need a straw for it.

3. Read what’s in your makeup

Guys this one was so shocking to me. Just because a makeup product is certified safe for your face, it doesn’t mean its safe for the planet. Certain preservatives in things like moisturizers have been linked to mutations in aquatic life. (Those poor animals!) Also, things like microbeads in exfoliators have been showing up in lakes and completely messing up the ecosystem of them. I know it might be so hard to give up your favorite products but with so many clean makeup brands popping up, I am so sure you can find something you and the planet will love.

4. Invest in reusable containers

This one a lot of us already do but single use plastic containers definitely are awful for the environment but they’re also so expensive. Think about how many containers and Ziploc bags you’ve purchased and then just thrown out after. Brands now make reusable bags that are basically Ziplocs but you never have to throw them out. You also can find really good quality plastic and glass containers that will last you for the rest of your life. Also, try your hardest to not drink bottled water. I know how convenient it is to buy that case of water but just get a gallon for your fridge and a cute reusable water bottle.

5. Educate your friends + family

I think this is my biggest tip. So many people don’t live their lives thinking about the environment most of the time because they think it’s too hard to make changes to their life or more expensive. Little changes here and there seriously will make a huge difference. The best way to change something is to educate people about it.

6. Donate!!

Even if you can’t give a lot, there are so many organizations out their that will benefit from your small donation. I love Project Aware, which is a global force of divers that work with communities to form policies for Marine conservation. Another organization that I love is the World Wildlife Fund. First, I think its so cute that you can symbolically adopt an animal with your donation but aside from that, this organization works to preserve endangered species and help keep animals safe. Make sure you do your research and donate to organizations that will do go for not only animals but also for the planet.

The planet and our environment is something I am seriously passionate about. The way we treat it right this second will seriously affect how we will live the rest of our lives’ and our kids. Making super small changes now will help in the long run and its cooler to be for the environment then against it. Hope this post inspired you and you start making more environmentally friendly choices in the school year!

Here’s a few of the products I suggested:

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