Sneakers you NEED to Have in Your Closet

I think a major fashion trend this summer that you need to get on this summer if you aren’t already on it is a sneaker. I love this trend because sneakers used to be seen as only something you could wear with athletic clothes. Now, everyone is just throwing sneakers on with any outfit and turning it into the cutest look. Today I’m going to be sharing with you my top 5 sneakers that you should have in your closet.

  1. Nike Air Force 1s

If you follow me on instagram, @cassiedenisco, then you know my love of these shoes. I have the special edition ones with the stars but the plain ones are just as cute. I absolutely love throwing these sneakers on with any outfit because they add such a cool vibe. I would absolutely invest in a pair of these sneakers because they can also transition really well into a fall shoe.

2. Adidas Super Stars

These are the perfect tennis shoes for wherever your summer will take you. I love these sneakers with shorts or even a t-shirt dress. I also love the little pop of color that they come with in the Adidas stripes on the side. I think you need both these and an Air Force 1 because they’re really two different vibes. The Air Force 1s are chunky and slim your leg but these are so comfortable and seriously go with everything.

3. Adidas XPLR

I would say that you could get really any type of running shoe, but I kid you not these are the most comfortable sneakers ever. I love to wear them to workout or even just running errands. I love the pink but I know that these sneakers come in more neutral colors as well. I wouldn’t wear these sneakers with any outfit but I do suggest these because they are so so comfortable.

4. Converse or Vans

I’m putting these two sneakers together because to me, they are pretty similar. I think that there is just something about Converse and Vans that makes it feel like summer. These sneakers are the perfect summer shoe because they are not too thick or heavy but will give you some support for whatever you’re doing.

5. Slip on Sneakers

Steve Madden is my go to for these types of sneakers. I have them in like every color and they are so comfortable. These sneakers are the best on days you want to look put together but are feeling super lazy. I absolutely love my all white ones for spring and summer because they make me look tanner and also slim my legs.

Whether you’re a big sneaker person or not, there’s no denying that the sneaker trend is here to stay. I absolutely love that sneakers are becoming such a big part in outfits because who doesn’t love high fashion but being comfortable at the same time?

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