What to Get at Starbucks

My name is Cassie DeNisco and I’m addicted to Starbucks.

Yes, you did read that correctly, I am absolutely addicted to Starbucks and will get a drink there at least once a day. There’s just something about going to a Starbucks that’s so calming knowing that you’re about to have that caffeine that you are seriously in need of. My friends always ask me, “You don’t even drink coffee, so why do you go there?” and I tell them, Starbucks isn’t just coffee, it has a whole bunch of other drinks that are just as yummy. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Iced Green Tea Lemonade Sweetened

This is literally my all time favorite drink and my go to Starbucks order. It’s so yummy and gives me just enough caffeine to get me through the day. Not to mention, green tea is really good for you so this is a really good option if you’re trying to stay healthy.

2. Strawberry Açaí Refresher with Lemonade

I like to call this my “dessert” drink. This drink is so great but super sweet. I call this my dessert drink because it’s just like a sweet that you would have for dessert. I also like to make sure I order it without the dried strawberries in it so that they don’t get in my straw.

3. Iced Blonde Vanilla Latte

I still am not a coffee drinker but I do like a latte here and there. I am seriously obsessed with blonde lattes though. They are so smooth and really don’t have a bitter coffee taste. I think that might be why I drink this because it is coffee but doesn’t really taste like it.

4. Hot Chai Tea Latte

I am a chai tea enthusiast. I love chai and it is hands down the best tea to have. I used to drink the iced chai’s from Starbucks but I don’t really like the concentrate that they use cold so I only get chai’s from here hot. I love the frothed milk and absolutely love this drink on a cold day.

5. Mint Majesty Tea

I don’t think anyone cried the day Teavana closed down their stores like I did. Mint Majesty is my absolute favorite tea but seriously the only place I can get it now is at a Starbucks, and sometimes they don’t even have it. This tea is so soothing because of the mint and is a really great option if you want something from Starbucks but don’t really want the added sugar.

As you can tell, I’m basically a Starbucks expert and I’m passionate about the drinks I love. Not to mention, Starbucks is starting to really care for the environment by switching to straw free lids. I literally will support this brand forever, as long as they don’t get rid of my favorite drinks.

(RIP Mango Black Tea Lemonade)