Summer Street Style Ideas

If you’re like me, then you’ve reached the point in the summer that jean shorts and a crop top just aren’t it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love the comfort of them but I feel like they get old so quick in the summer. One trend that I am usually pretty hesitant to try is street style. If you know me, you know I’m a pastel, floral loving girl so the dark colors and structured apparel of street style is not something I usually try. I do however realize that it’s always good to try something new and being in a wardrobe rut this summer, I decided to style some pieces that would be perfect for a walk down 5th Ave this summer.

Cargo Pants

I was super hesitant to even try these pants on in the store. I just wasn’t sure how they would fit on my pretty curvy body but I ended up loving the structure to them. They’re cut like a jogger but they give such a cool vibe to them with the mesh cut outs in the knees. I decided to pair them with a bright neon green tube top and a white sneaker. This look screams street style and I seriously love this color combo. I think it’s perfect for summer.

Bike Shorts

The second I put these biker shorts on, I felt like Kim K. I mean, they are seriously comfortable but just not something that I usually gravitate towards. I found them to be so comfortable and really no different then leggings. I would even argue that these pants are even more comfortable then leggings for the summer because they’ll help to keep you cool. The night that I wore these was a little chilly so I put on this neon pink sweatshirt. I seriously love this combo of the tight shorts with a bigger hoody. Again, I paired it with my go to white sneakers and I thought this look was perfect. I also tried this look with just the same neon tube top from the cargo pants, and it looked great with that as well.

Black Skinny Jeans

I feel like so many people stay as far away from the color black in the summer as possible but I love it. I love my black skinny jeans and think they add such a cool vibe to any look. I paired these Top Shop Moto jeans with this super cute band tee from American Eagle. I love this outfit because it’s so comfy but looks so cool. This look is perfect for a night out for dinner or even just a day of shopping.


I tend to think iridescent clothes are definitely not for me but this tube top from Target is so fun. I paired it with my black Top Shop skirt and absolutely love this look. I think iridescent looks are perfect for summer because they’ll really play with the light from the sun. I do caution that not everything iridescent is cute and should be worn. While I was in search of something that was this cute, I came across a lot of festival pieces that wouldn’t really make sense in everyday life. This top is just enough fun that it’ll light up your night but not make you stand out like a sore thumb.

I really hope you enjoyed these looks! This post really forced me to get out of my style comfort zone and try something new. I actually have since purchased a few more pairs of biker shorts because I just love them so much. Let me know down below what your favorite look was and check out my IGTV for the outfit video!