My Secret to Staying Organized

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I am insanely organized. Organization helps to keep me on track and not stress out so I definitely know the trick to staying on top of what you need to do. My secret isn’t even that revolutionary but the type is.

I know for sure that growing up we have all had a love hate relationship with planners. I went through a phase where a piece of paper was all I needed because I couldn’t get myself to use those little academic planners the schools would hand out. Once I stumbled across the brand “Day Designer” my life was forever changed and my level of organization instantly skyrocketed.

Day Designer agendas are not your typical planners. They have all the same components but so much more that it actually makes it so simple to plan out your day and accomplish things on your to do list. I love to sit on a Sunday night and plan out each day’s to do list in the section for that day. To do lists keep us accountable for what we need to accomplish and it feels so good when you cross something off them.

Not only is the to do list section on each page so helpful, but the fact that it breaks the day down into each hour really helps you start to learn about your time management skills and see where your time is going. I love spending time writing in my day and then following it. It not only helps you stay on track but all of your information is in one spot as opposed to on like 3 apps on your phone and then a sticky note somewhere in your car. Between the days being on their own pages, a big section for a to do list, and the days broken down by hour, I will never go back to a regular planner.

I also found that Day Designer has all different sizes for different needs. I originally had their mini version but found that I needed something more in depth for each day. I have also found that Target has the a line of Day Designer planners that tend to be a little cheaper then on the actual website so don’t freak out that these agendas can’t fit your budget.

Now, I know not everyone has the time to plan out their day to day schedule but you will thank me if you at least give it a shot for this back to school year. My number one tip that I give out when people ask how I stay so organized is my planner and that I specifically use one by Day Designer. Being organized is a serious life skill that we aren’t really taught in school so once we head out to college and the real world, if you don’t have any sense of time management it will get so stressful so fast. Believe me, I was there until I found my holy grail organization product.

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