My Nightly Rituals for Better Sleep

After sharing my morning routine with everyone, so many people messaged me to share my night routine too! It varies depending on what time I finish teaching a dance class but for the most part everything else is the same. After such a long day, I look so forward to coming home and relaxing. Here is my night routine and rituals I can’t live without!

Regardless of whether I’m home for 5:45pm or 7pm, my first step is to always shower. I love a hot shower to help unwind and put my night in the right direction. Because I either meal prep in advance or just prepare everything before I go, dinner is always quick and almost ready for me after a shower.

After dinner, I like to make my Pukka Tea to detox after a long day. This tea is my favorite because it has ginger, lemon, and honey in it which will help with digestion. Caffeine free tea at night also has been proven to help you sleep better and just reset your body during the night.

Either while my tea is steeping or once I finish drinking it, I move on to my skincare routine. This will vary from night to night because sometimes I’ll use a face mask or sometimes I’ll actually just wash my face in the shower. What doesn’t change is my Clinque Toner and Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos serum. This combo leaves my skin looking great when I wake up.

After my skin care, I loveeee curling up in bed and watching a great TV show. Some of my favorites to watch right now are the Bachelorette on Mondays and Big Little Lies on Sundays. When I’m not watching those shows I am definitely watching either the Office or Gossip Girl.

Once I start myself getting tired, usually around 10pm because I’m a grandma, I’ll start reading whatever book I’m currently into. Right now I’m reading the first book int he Game of Thrones series and it is so great. I like to also put on my Sleep Cycle app to track my sleeping because I’ve found that using it helps me sleep so much better.

Getting into a routine is so hard but so worth it. Of course all of this looks so much different if it were a weekend or a special occasion but for the most part I stick to this format. I thrive on routines and find that it really helps me relax and get the best night’s sleep.