4 Ways to Get Your Shit Together

We all get to a point where it feels like everything is falling apart. Whether it be a bad grade, rough day at work, or just an all around hard week, it’s so important to get yourself out of that negative head space and into a positive place to get yourself together. People always tell me that they wish that they were as together as I am but I’m here to tell you that I often find myself reevaluating where I’m at. Here are my top 4 favorite ways to get my shit together:

  1. Address the Negativity but Don’t Dwell on It!

I know that for me, I tend to focus on the negativity in my life and make it control my actions. If I’m having a rough day, I let it consume me and that is just not healthy. It’s important to address whatever is upsetting you but you can’t let it just control you. It’s not a good habit to have and it will only lead you into a bad place of negativity. I think an important lesson for everyone is to just go with the flow, we can’t control every aspect of our lives so don’t get upset about something going wrong.

2. Do Something that Makes You Happy

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, just doing things that make you happy falls under this pampering umbrella. Go get your nails done or go out and buy yourself your favorite snack. Pampering yourself doesn’t even have to be related to rewards, maybe just spend sometime with some friends or a loved one. In times of stress, treating yourself with kindness and not more blame for situations is the best remedy.

3. Make a Plan

This is probably my biggest tip, if you’ve had a rough and stressful week plan to make sure your next week runs smoothly. Of course things come up but as long as you have some sort of direction for the week ahead, it’s sure to be a good one. I always feel better knowing that I have at least a list of things that I am doing or want to do so that I don’t just head into a new week having no idea what’s going on or what I’m supposed to be doing.

4. Stay Motivated

This is probably the hardest to follow. I know that when things go wrong all I want to do is go curl up in my bed and forget about the world. DON’T DO IT! You have to use this trying time in your life as a way to motivate you into being better. The only way you can grow as a person is to take what life gives you and turn it into a positive. Just keep going and know that negativity is a trick your mind plays on you, even if something sucks you have the power to make it better.

Sometimes I feel like I give great advice but actually never follow it myself. I hope that this post inspires you to get your shit together and know that you’re totally not alone if the people around you always look like they have it together.

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