My Productive Morning Routine

It took me so long to get to this point of actually enjoying my mornings, so if I can get into a productive routine in the morning so can you!


I start every morning at 7:00am regardless of if I have anything major planned for the day or not. I find waking up every morning at the same time helps me to fall asleep around the same time every night. It helps me to regulate my sleep schedule and start my day. I always make sure to have some water as soon as I wake up to jumpstart my day.


I’m not going to lie to you, the first thirty minutes to an hour of my day are spent in bed on my phone. I know it’s a terrible habit to have but it’s just the perfect opportunity to get it out of the way and not get distracted by my phone throughout the day. As soon as I finish on my phone, I immediately make my bed. This step is so important if you’re one who has trouble getting out of bed. Get up and make your bed so that you aren’t tempted to get back in it!


By this point in the morning, I am usually awake enough to wash my face. I start with my Clinque face wash on my facial brush. Then I use the Clinque toner that matches my face wash with a little cotton round. I finish off my face routine with the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Serum. I don’t typically use make up so I find that this skin combo leaves my face with a really great glow for the day. While I’m here, I’ll typically brush my teeth at this point too.


I typically like to workout in the morning on an empty stomach so when I’m getting dressed and ready for the day, I’ll put on my workout gear for either a workout class, at home workout, or if I’m going to the gym. I like working out in the morning because it gets me pumped for the day and I get it out of the way.


After whatever workout I end up doing, I’ll sometimes shower depending on what it was. Because I workout again at night in the dance classes that I teach, I’ll generally do strength training in the morning since I’m doing cardio at night. After that I’ll get fully dressed for the day and do something to my hair.


My morning has already been so busy but by 10 am I’m sitting down at my desk either doing work for clients, writing blogs posts, or doing lesson plans for my dance class that night. During the school year, all of my classes are online so I’ll substitute this work for my homework. I’ll usually work until like 3pm so that I have enough time to get ready for whatever classes I’m teaching.


Like I said in my what I eat in a day, I intermittent fast and food combine so by this point in the day I like to have my bowl of fruit as my breakfast. I think by this point my day turns into full work mode so my day starts to shift from morning to afternoon really quickly.

I hope my little morning routine inspires you to wake up early and be productive. Keep in mind, by 11:30 I’m usually already done with 50 oz of water. The morning doesn’t have to be such an annoying part of the day that everyone hates. Doing little things like spending some time scrolling on your phone or getting a morning workout in help to make it more fun and make you want to wakeup everyday. Don’t forget to subscribe down below so you stay updated with all my latest posts!