Swimsuit Guide

Happy June and happy almost summer! A major staple in my summer wardrobe are my bathing suits. Because I live on a lake and frequently go to the beach, I constantly live in my bathing suit and think I have found some great swimsuits at great prices. I will admit that I am a full bikini girl. I love two piece swimwear so all of the following suits will be bikinis. Here are a few places I love to shop for swim.

  1. Amazon
Black: $14.99
Red: $14.99

Buyers be warned, Amazon’s suits are GREAT prices but not the best quality. If you’re like me and just lay out at home, I love a good Amazon bikini. They’re perfect and cheap for just at home tanning and if you ruin them, there’s really not too much to be upset about because they’re so cheap. I will admit though, that the sizing is pretty wacky so if you have Prime, I would order a few sizes to see what fits you best! Try Amazon Prime for 30 days FREE!

2. PacSun

Bottoms: $13.77

I am not a PacSun shopper, but in the summer months I find myself going in and finding the cutest swimwear. I feel like they’re always perfectly on trend with the swimsuit’s cut and the color. They are a little pricey but so far, I have not had any issues with the quality of their suits. Also, they usually have a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale which helps reduce the cost. I think that PacSun is great to buy like 1 or 2 really nice swimsuits to add to your collection.

3. Forever 21

Top: $7.50
Bottom: $7.50

Similar to Amazon, these swimsuits are so cheap! I recently purchased a full set for $15. I thought the styles of all of these suits was so cute but I could tell that they were not the best material. I really like to make sure that I have a good variety of swimwear so Forever 21 makes it easy to add to my collection but I would not create your entire collection here. Like I said, the prices are great but the quality isn’t the best.

Some other places that I often will look or buy bathings at would be like Target, Victoria’s Secret, and sometimes Hollister. I usually will buy like tops or bottoms at these places and not usually a full set. These stores also have some great suits for great prices and have a mix of good and bad quality swimsuits. I think the key to shopping for swimsuits is to make sure you’re comfortable. The quality of the suit could be bad but as long as you’re comfortable in it, there’s no need to worry about the material, unless its see through. I hope this mini swimsuit guide helped you in your summer shopping adventures. Let me know some of your favorite places to shop for swim!