Bachelorette Review!

This season of the bachelorette is very interesting to say the least. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Hannah B. on Colton’s season but I did go into this season with an open mind. All of the men this season are definitely potential candidates but I was so shocked with how quickly the drama started.

As I write this, last night was episode 3 and Luke P. is SO annoying. I totally get that he and Hannah did have a strong connection but she is so right, he has zero respect for her other relationships. Luke needs to be the center of Hannah’s attention at all times and that is not a good quality for a future boyfriend or husband should have. You really could tell last night that Hannah was super frustrated with Luke P. so I am certain that he’s probably not going to the end and his time is numbered, unless he can really calm down.


Moving on to more craziness, I am so happy Cam went home. After telling the guys earlier in the day that he basically thought he was going home so he was going to tell Hannah an elaborate story to get pity and stay was honestly super icky. Anyone who tells a story like that with ulterior motives is really not someone to keep around. He is super manipulative and honestly he wasn’t even that cute so I’m glad that he is gone.


All drama aside, we did see two really great interactions between Hannah and Peter the Pilot and Hannah and Connor. Now, I’m not sure if I liked their time together because all of the other guys just brought drama or if I thought that Hannah had genuine connections. If I had to make a choice on who I thought would be her fiancé at the end of this, my top three are Connor S., Peter, and Tyler C. I think not only are they all attractive, they seem to be genuine towards Hannah and I actually have enjoyed all of their interactions.

What do you guys think? Who are your top picks and who do you think just needs to go home already?