Summer Motivation

I feel like it can become so easy in the summer to lose all sense of reality. After a really long semester, it’s always the best feeling to reward yourself with a little rest and relaxation. The issue arises when its June and your already a month into break and you haven’t done anything but binge watch all your favorite Netflix shows. Of course summer is a time to cut back on the busy schedules but it also can be the best time to work on something your passionate about. For me, this summer I am dedicating it to this blog which is something that I have put off doing for so long. For my other friends, I know a lot of them are going to be working this summer both at jobs and internships.

When I think back to my summer last year, I lacked motivation entirely. I did not want anything to do with school or working. I had a pretty rough semester so I thought I deserved the summer off but in reality, I lost precious time that I could’ve put towards my career or even my personal hustle. Don’t fear if you were like me last summer, I am here to help you get that spark to try something new this summer.

I think my biggest tip and most important one is to use a planner. Planners help you not only plan things but also be accountable for things. I love the Day Designer planner but Lily Pulitzer and Erin Corden also make some great ones. I love planning out my day and making a to- do list so that I can cross things off as I go. This also helps me mentally stay on track and accomplish the goals I set for myself. Electronic planners or things like iCal on the iPhone work too but for me, there’s just something about being able to take a pen and physically cross things off.

Another tip I have is to set goals even if they’re small ones. At the end of the day, all goals are goals and whether they’re huge like launching a blog or small like attending a workout class once a week, they still help you to stay on track and accountable. I think for the summer, thinking about one large goal that you’d like to achieve and pair it with maybe some weekly goals will really help you stay motivated throughout the summer because you know that you have something to work towards.

The summer is the best time to get a tan and take a nap but it’s also the best time to pursue passions. As much as I love my Netflix shows, I realize that I really have to take advantage of my free schedule for things that will benefit me in the long run. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too this summer, whether it is be a new hair color or a fresh coat of nail polish, stay motivated starts when you feel your best.