Comfy Summer Outfit Ideas

I always find that it is easier for me to create outfits in the fall and winter as opposed to summer because of layering. I am huge on using multiple layers to create a look but in the summer that style trend really doesn’t work, unless you want to be super hot all the time.

For me summer is all about comfort. With being a student and a dance teacher, my summer consists of a much less hectic schedule which means less time running around and more time at home relaxing. Because of that, my summer outfits usually reflect my relaxed mood, meaning I like to be super minimal but still look put together if I’m out with friends or just running errands. Here are some of my all time favorite summer outfit ideas!

  1. The Sundress

Sundresses to me scream summer. They are so effortless because all you really need to do is put one on with some cute sandals and you’re good to go. Sundresses are so versatile that they’re perfect for dinner with friends or just to run out for a quick coffee from Starbucks. I love the fact that you can either go basic like this military green one from Forever 21 or have some fun with a pattern like this floral one also from Forever 21. I like to style my sundresses with a cute pair of sandals and maybe a dainty gold necklace. They are always so easy to style and if you’re pressed for time, a great go to.

2. Jeans and a Crop Top

This is probably my favorite outfit to put on when I’m going out in the summer at night. Pairing simple blue jeans with any crop top that you have give that model off duty vibe that is really in these days. For me, I like to make sure my crop tops are long enough because sometimes they’re cut way to short and just are not that cute. In this picture, I took my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans from Nasty Gal and paired it with a simple white tube top from Wild Fable by Target. (PS. Target has awesome tube tops for super cheap) To finish the look, I paired it with my Air Force 1s that have stars on them. This helped to give the look a little bit more of a fun aspect but still made it so easy to create.

3. Shorts and a Top

This classic summer look is always a go to for comfort and style. The hard part of creating this outfit is finding a pair of denim shorts that you love and are comfortable in. I actually boycotted denim shorts for a few years until I found this pair because I could not find a pair that I actually loved. This pair of denim is from Target and was super inexpensive as well. I paired it with this fun yellow top from Urban Outfitters and again used my white Air Force 1s. Pairing shorts and any shirt together is so simple but I think accessorizing is the key part here to bringing the outfit together. A cute pair of sunglasses or even rings could really dress up this casual outfit and make it easier to transition from day to night.

Some colors that I think are going to be trending this summer are neons and pastels. If you go into any store right now, most of the colors are neon oranges and yellows or pastel pinks, purples, and blues. All of these colors would pair nicely with denim or even look super cute as a sundress. The chunky sneaker trend will also be still around this summer so if you’re not totally in to Air Force 1s or the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers, there are so many dupes for much cheaper prices. This pair from Target is a great dupe for Yeezys and really fits the chunky sneaker trend.

My biggest take away is that summer is the perfect time to still stay comfortable but maybe try and go out of your comfort zone. I love using the summer as a time to try out trends that wouldn’t have worked in my everyday outfits during the school year. I also love summer to stick to my basics and just dress more comfortably no matter what I am doing.

Happy Summer!