How I Maintain My Blonde

I constantly get questions about how my hair stays so vibrant and never looks orange. Of course I love hearing that but little does everyone know that maintaining the blonde and preventing the orange is a constant battle that I struggle with. It wasn’t until I started doing research on how to combat brassiness that I stumbled across purple shampoo. Basically, purple shampoo works towards correcting the warm tones in blonde hair. It helps to neutralize the orange color which in turn leaves hair brighter and more blonde as opposed to orange.

Once I decided to give purple shampoo a try, I found “Shimmer Lights” by Clairol. I have been using this same shampoo since I decided to go blonde in November 2017 and no other shampoo has worked this well. When I’m in the shower, I used probably a grape size amount (I always go overboard) and let it sit in my hair while I wash the rest of my body. Just making this simple swap in shampoo seriously saved me from not only salon trips but also helped to bring back some health to my hair.

Going blonde was probably not the best idea for my already damaged hair. My hair prior to going blonde was extremely dry and brittle, so adding a serious color change to my very dark brown locks did a number on my hair. I knew that once I went blonde, I need to find a really moisturizing conditioners that could help protect and prevent more damage but also something that would not strip the color on my hair. Clairol’s Shimmer Lights does have a conditioner but it was so purple and potent that I actually had turned some of my lightest pieces purple. I then turned to the brand OGX and found their “Lavender Platinum Conditioner“. Not only is this such a great moisturizing conditioner, it also smells AMAZING. It is a great consistency because it’s not too thick but really does the job. An added bonus is that it is purple but not as purple as my shampoo so I know I’m maintaining the blonde but never going over board.

The final step that I take in my blonde hair routine is an after shower leave in conditioner. It’s by Eva NYC and is called “Tone It Down Blonde Leave In Foam“. I do not use this product all the time because I sometimes too much product in my hair leaves it super oily but I use this when I know I need an extra kick in the blonde direction. I apply it to my damp hair more towards the ends and when my hair dries it does look really great. I remember after my first use I was super impressed that it worked so well with all of my other products.

My biggest tip on how my blonde stays so blonde is to reduce heat. I noticed such a difference in the texture, look, and color of my hair when I cut out heat entirely. I pretty much when on a 3 month hot tools diet and my hair is in such great shape and the color is still as beautiful as if I have just got it done. I literally know how hard it is to not use heat when you’re not really happy with how your hair naturally looks because for so long I was so over my kinda straight, kinda wavy hair. Once I figured out that using the heat was causing all of my problems, I have not looked back towards a hot tool except on special occasions or when I’m really feeling the need for my hair to be done.