GOT Finale Review

*Spoilers Ahead*

What do we say to the GOT series finale? Not today.

With having finished watching the entire 8th and final season of GOT last night, I can honestly say I am left super confused. As I was watching the new episodes week by week, more and more questions were raised with less and less answers. So many new plot points were introduced but then were proven irrelevant and were literally pushed to the side with no explanation. Not to mention this entire season was so hyped up and the battle for the living ended up being the biggest joke ever.

A major issue I had with this season was Jon’s lineage. We learned that Jon Snow is really a Targaryen in the finale episode of season 7 and other than a few references to the fact that he is actually the rightful heir to the throne, this idea immediately got pushed to the side and forgotten. Sure this challenges Dany’s claim but like, really? Why did they foreshadow so much about them being together and Dany getting pregnant for them to completely ignore that in the final season?

Moving on towards Daenerys, and putting my own thoughts on her aside, the writers really did not do much to help us understand how she went mad. If you’ve read the books, you would know Dany went mad and turned into this mad queen from a lot of serious losses. In the show, they merely killed two of her friends and two of her dragons and literally called it a day. Yeah you could argue that this might have been the writing on the wall for her plot line but it really made no sense in the context of the events that were happening in the series. Of course I think logically making her mad was the next step in the story but for ending a series, I would have hoped that D & D might have spent more time bringing us to that point instead of just skipping from A to Z.

Not only was the entire season rushed but the entire finale was on fast forward. It started out in the ashes and went immediately to Jon stabbing Dany which wasn’t as powerful as it should have been. The screen went black and miraculously all of the lords/ladies of the 7 kingdoms came together to decide what to do with Jon and Tyrion in the matter of seconds. How did the get there? How did they find out? Based on Grey Worm’s character and the Dothraki’s nature, it was so unlike them to even let Jon and Tyrion live to have a trial or seek “justice”.

When you consider Bran being placed on the Iron Throne and his response to Tyrion merely being “its why I’m here”. There was so much more foreshadowing towards other characters than for the guy who isn’t himself anymore nor is he present all the time. Jon Snow was the rightful heir and at that point was not even considered in the running for King (regardless of if he wanted it or not). This brings me to another important issue with this season about Jon. Not once was he asked about what he wanted to do. His entire character is based on him making choices that are based around duty and all of a sudden he’s just taking advice from random, other people. Jon this entire season seemed to contradict his own beliefs and again, if this was a new season there would be no problem with the sudden change but because of the fact that this was the last season ever, you can’t just randomly change character’s storyline and call it their arcs.

Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I’m not here to tell you what to think nor am I here to talk badly about such a great show. What I will say is this season lost the storytelling magic that I fell in love with the series for. It lost its ability to make me connect with the characters and understand where they were coming from. It seems quite clear to me that D & D put pushing boundaries and breaking records ahead of giving the characters that we have all grown to love the proper endings they deserve. Yes this was an amazing story and yes the graphics and cinematography were fantastic but these characters stories were so rushed when it literally took them two years to get this season out.

Side note: Good luck Star Wars fans. May the Force Be With You.